The 7 biggest problems with a conservatory... solved!

Conservatories have been a popular home improvement for the last 20 years, but here at Goliath Home Improvements we hear lots of feedback from home owners who are not using their poly carbonate roof conservatory as much as they want. Here at Goliath Home World we have listened and offer a fantastic market leading new product that eradicates these biggest problems and more…the revolutionary Solid Roof Upgrade.

Stop your conservatory being underutilised with a solid roof conservatory upgrade from Goliath.

Conservatories are too hot in Summer – conservatories with polycarbonate roofs can become unbearable in the warmer months. A soli roof reduces the UV heat entering the room and the insulation ensures cool air can remain in the room, and the warm air can remain outside.

Conservatory roofs get dirty and look bad – keeping a polycarbonate or glass roof is not easy due to the height and angles. Specialist equipment is needed to thoroughly clean safely.  A solid roof has a tile look finish that does not require maintenance or cleaning. The tiles are available on a range of colours to suit any property.

Conservatories look dated and unattractive – conservatories, like anything go through style changes. A solid roof from Goliath can give a conservatory a new lease of life including modifications. A new pitch or apex window can be added to bring the style up to date and be the envy of all.

Conservatories are cold in the Winter – a lot of people do not use their conservatory at all during the Winter months leaving a dead space n the home. A solid roof can give you an extra room all year round. The solid roof system includes multiple layers of insulation to that carries a proven 0.18 U Value calculation for thermal efficiency.

Conservatories are noisy – being in a conservatory when there is heavy rain can be very noisy as the roof acts like a giant drum skin, vibrating with every drop. A solid conservatoryroof does not suffer the same issues due to the solid and layered construction.

My conservatory furniture is ruined by the sun – furniture in a conservatory has a limited life span as the sun will bleach and damage it in just a few years. A solid roof reduces UV damage allowing furniture to look its best for as long as you keep it.

I have bought roof blinds which collect dust and were expensive – Invest in a solid conservatory roof and you can get rid of the roof blind dust traps for a high quality internal finish that can be painted and can also have spotlights fitted if required.

Other benefits of a solid conservatory roof upgrade from Goliath Home World,

Value – a solid roof is a great investment for home owners. The increased usability and appeal of the room will often add more value to the property than the cost of the installation.

Market Leaders – Goliath Home World are the market leaders in conservatory roof systems with many years experience, proven constructions systems and full LABC) and LABSS (building regulation) approval. There are others trying to imitate the solid conservatory roof system, but these are often inferior and lack the quality and durability of the fully researched, developed and tested system and products installed by Goliath Home World.

Rapid Installation – A solid roof can be professionally installed by the experienced Goliath installation team in a matter of days with minimal disruption to home owners.

All sizes and styles covered – solid replacement conservatory roofs are available for all sizes and style of conservatory. Whatever your conservatory a solid roof is available that will make the space useable all year round.

Visit the Goliath Home World showroom where you can see solid conservatory roofs and fully appreciate why an investment in a new roof is the best single investment you can make as a home improvement. Call Goliath Home World, on 01543 466464 for more information and a no obligation home consultation.

“Our conservatory was the least used space in our house – boiling hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter…now it’s a space we use all year around and is the place I favour to de-stress and relax.”