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Vertical Slider Windows

Industry-leading Goliath Home World Slider Windows combine the timeless appeal of traditional timber sash windows with the benefits of modern frames. Offering the best of both worlds, the dual opening function provides easy cleaning and improved ventilation.

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Benefits Of Vertical Slider Windows From Goliath Home World

Traditional Timber Window Appearance

Retain the traditional style and appearance of timber windows without all the maintenance issues.

Slide Or Tilt Movement

Windows easily slide or tilt for easy cleaning and ventilation

Multiple Colours & Glazing Options

We have the perfect colour to suit your property thanks to a wide range of colours; plus bespoke colour options if required. Optional sash horns also available if desired.

Safe & Secure

Our slider windows are designed for high security with market leading locking mechanisms.

Vertical Slider Windows Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our standard Vertical Sliding Window includes mechanisms which allow both sashes to be tilted in making cleaning a breeze.

No. All Vertical Sliding Windows are bespoke and therefore the height of the top and bottom sashes can vary. A typical alternative is to have a ⅓ to ⅔ split. 

Yes. Horns can be provided to the upper sash by extending the jamb sections to create a ‘run-through’ horn. We do not offer screw-on horn mouldings as these can discolour over time and look unsightly.

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