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Bay and Bow Windows

Industry-leading VEKA windows can be uniquely shaped to the design of your home, and expertly fitted to eliminate draughts.

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Benefits Of Bay and Bow Windows From Goliath Home World

Increased Feeling Of Space

Having a bay or bow window gives additional room space and even greater perception of space through increased light.

High Thermal Efficiency

An insulated bow and base provides high thermal efficiency.

Added Property Feature

A feature window will add kerb appeal and desire to your property.

Bay and Bow Window Frequently Asked Questions

Typically, a bay window is supported by brickwork below which follows the shape of the bay. This increases the floor area of the room inside and gives the feeling of more space.

The brickwork below a bow window is generally flat and the window is supported by external gallows brackets. A bow window will have a timber base which is insulated and clad with uPVC.

Both bay and bow windows will typically have a roof which can be flat with a leaded finish or pitched with a tiled finish. In all cases, the roof would be insulated. 

Typically, a Bow or Bay Window will have between 3 and 6 sides (or ‘Facets’). However, 2-sided or ‘Oriel’ Bay windows are quite common, as are larger Bay Windows with up to 9 facets!

Yes. Converting a flat window into a Bow Window is relatively simple. We would design the window to give the number of facets and projection you require and then manufacture an insulated base and roof to suit. Converting a flat window to a Bay window is more complicated as it will require new foundations and brickwork to support the new Bay However, we have the expertise to carry out this conversion and transform the space within the room.

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