7 Reasons Why You Should Install A Composite Door…

The Composite front door is a popular choice among home owners in Cannock & Staffordshire. In contrast to conventional doors, composite doors are constructed from a variety of materials, each of which is chosen for its unique properties. Single-material doors demonstrate the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the material. Comparatively, composite doors provide exceptional strength, superb security, top-of-the-line thermal efficiency, and low maintenance.

See below a simple summary of eight reasons why you should consider a composite door for your home…

1) Styles for all homes

Composite doors are available in a wide range of styles and colours. If you are a fan of a classic timber appearance then your desired style can still be achieved with a composite door. Classic timber doors require frequent and time consuming maintenance but with a wood-grain exterior composite door you get the timeless timber look and the high performance of modern artificial materials. The composite design choices either are extensive to ensure a perfect match for every home and owner.

2) Durable and strong

Modern manufacturing techniques create highly durable and strong composite doors. The multi material and multi-layered build reinforces composite doors with a lot of strength and durability. This makes them perfect for use in any home with many years hassle free service.

3) Require almost zero maintenance

One of the top advantages of composite doors is their low maintenance requirements. Composite doors have a GRP (glass reinforced plastic) skin that does not deteriorate, fade, crack, or warp. There is no painting required for composite doors as they are supplied in a wide range of colours to perfectly match your home and style. The only maintenance composite doors need is a periodic wipe-down using a soft cloth and soapy water.

4) Brilliant thermal efficiency

The cold UK winter needs to be left outside of your home. Composite doors are good at trapping in your homes heat and keeping the cold outside from entering. The insulated and weather tight, draught proofed composite doors help lower energy bills courtesy the increased thermal efficiency of your home.

5) Noise reduction

Composite doors are amazing as far as keeping out unwanted noise is concerned. Their noise blocking ability is second to none and can provide much needed respite if you live in a crowded or busy area.

6) Personalisation options

The front door of your home is often the first impression of your home for visitors. Make a lasting positive impression with a composite door. There are styles and colours to match your individual style and taste from eye-catching bright colours to modern and sleek greys or classic black. Glass portions of the door can also be customized from an extensive range before also selecting the door furniture of your choosing. Don’t worry about the wide range of options; you can see some of the doors at the Goliath Home World showroom in Cannock where the experienced team can also guide you through the process.

7) Increased home security

Among the composite door benefits that influence most homeowners is safety. The security of a home brings peace of mind and protection for the family and personal possessions. Composite doors are a superb option to deter any sort of intrusion into your home thanks to their solid construction, strong frame and multi point locking systems.

Composite doors are considered by many as the ultimate front door thanks to the high performance, durability and security. There are many companies offering composite doors but few match the specifications and guarantees of a composite door from Goliath Home World. If you are considering a composite front door as an upgrade to an existing timber or uPVC door we recommend visiting our showroom in Cannock, Staffordshire. At the showroom you can see and feel the quality of the products and discuss your individual style and requirements with our team. A no obligation home visit service is also available to allow accurate measuring and quotations.