How much do new windows cost?

Changing the windows of your property can be a significant financial investment and you want to ensure you are getting a quality product at a fair price. At Goliath Home World we provide no obligation free quotes for all your window needs; from a single or pair of windows through to a complete property of new windows.

New windows will bring a number of benefits to a property including improved energy efficiency, reduced maintenance, improved sound blocking, increased kerb appeal and improved property value.

It is very difficult to provide a fixed cost for any windows for any property as it depends on the individual needs and requirements of the property owner. There are multiple variables that can affect the cost of windows which include the size of the windows, the number of opening sections, the style of window, window furniture, type of glazing and colour. The fitting costs may also vary depending upon the accessibility and height of the opening; plus the materials being removed.

A bespoke product requires a bespoke price – this is why reputable providers are unable to simply offer you a quick quote over the phone or online. Some companies are now attempting fast distanced quoting; but these estimates are often grossly inaccurate and can be used simply as a sales tool that mislead prospective customers. At Goliath Home World we have never, and will never employ such tactics. We believe n investing the time with prospective customers to fully understand their needs, to best advise them on available solutions and products and to offer accurate and fair, no obligation quotations for high quality, guaranteed work.

Made to measure windows

Following a bespoke design consultation and professional assessment of your property the precise details are gathered together and processed by the Goliath Home World team to ensure all windows will fit perfectly and all installation logistics and regulations are covered including meeting latest efficiency and fire exit regulations.

Bespoke, made to measure windows are an important investment for any property and with Goliath Home World you can be confident that the windows will suit your property perfectly. The professional made to measure service ensures that every window will be highly efficient and secure. The Goliath Home World windows retain heat, prevent draughts and increase the security of your property to the highest standards.

Price variables

Until your property’s requirements are fully understood it is not possible to provide an accurate price for windows. The many variables need to be considered before a quote can be produced.

There are many variables that can affect the cost of windows including window size, the number of opening sections, the style of window, window furniture, type of glazing and colour. In addition to these variables there are additional things to consider such as additonal design features. For example, you may wish to mix the styles of windows. Some properties can benefit from decorative glass or styles at the front of the property; but these may not be wanted for the rear windows. The expertise and experience available within the Goliath Home World team can be invaluable for customers and is available without obligation at the Cannock showroom and via home consultations.

If you are considering investing in new windows for your property then contact Goliath Home World today via phone or complete our online contact form.