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How Much Value Will A Conservatory Add To My Property?

In a recent article by TV property personality Phil Spencer adding a conservatory made it into his list of top ways to add value to your property. He said that adding a conservatory to your home can add around 7% to its value, but its actual value will depend significantly on how well your conservatory fits into its surroundings. A well-thought-out new space should blend well with your existing home, reflect the interior style, and reflect the personality of your family.

In order to start, you’ll need to decide where your conservatory will go. An unattractive conservatory could actually harm the value of your property, since a potential buyer may perceive that it needs to be remodelled.

How about potential buyers?

A conservatory that blends well with the rest of your home, adds value in terms of the extra living space it provides, while still allowing you to take advantage of your garden, is sure to appeal to potential buyers. The impression it leaves on a prospective buyer will of course be influenced by personal taste, but you can’t go wrong if you make the right decisions and create more space, light and style.

The Goliath Home World team are highly experienced in every stage of the conservatory process. The design team are passionate about adding useable space and value to properties and can often suggest solutions not contemplated by the home owners. The Cannock showroom also provides inspiration and enables customers to better visualise the products and how they will add value to their home.

If you are considering a conservatory for your property be sure to speak to the Goliath Home World team to take advantage of the many years experience and expertise to ensure the best conservatory for your home and needs.