The Differences Between uPVC and Composite Doors

Buying a new door for your home is an exciting opportunity to transform the look and feel of your home as the door is your point of entry and so has all visitors focus upon it. As the main point of entry your door should be aesthetically pleasing but also energy efficient and secure for peace of mind.

Goliath Home World supply and fit both uPVC and composite doors to suit the requirements of any owner and property. In this short article we hope to help potential customers know the differences between these two popular types of door to select which is best for your home.

The uPVC door has been a market leader for many years due to the increased affordability and practicality over wooden doors. However, the modern composite doors that are now available offer a significantly improved product. When selecting between a composite or uPVC door the composite door has significant advantages that for many customers, outweigh the lower cost of uPVC doors.

Composite Doors

Goliath Home World composite doors are a highly advanced type of door manufactured in the UK. Unlike uPVC doors which are made largely of plastic, composite doors are manufactured using a number of specifically selected and developed materials to create a long lasting, high strength doors. At Goliath Home World we have a wide range of styles, design, colour options, glass options and door furniture to create the perfect new door for your home.

Goliath Composite Doors;

  • Have enhanced security features. Yale Lockmaster Door Look has multi point locking and a 10 year security guarantee. The Ultion door lock barrels are 3 star Diamond standard and have a £2000 anti snap guarantee.
  • Are highly thermal efficient thanks to the weather seals and high density core.
  • Are low maintenance and require little care to maintain high quality appearance. Just the occasion wash with soapy water will restore the as new look. The modern outer finish of the door is colourfast to ensure no fading that would require painting or other maintenance.
  • Are available in both textured and flat skin finishes. The textured finish is perfect for the traditional style doors and gives a timber like texture. The flat skin is available through the contemporary and urban range of doors and provides a grained like finish.
  • Are available in a wide range of colours and styles to suit any home.

The only perceived disadvantage of the composite door is that they are more expensive. The exact cost will depend on the composite door model and style chosen. At Goliath Home World there are a number of composite door products available for you to select from to ensure a high performance composite door can become a reality.

Please visit the Cannock showroom to discuss the composite door range and remember that the term ‘composite’ covers a wide range of doors on the market; and therefore not all composite doors are equal. There are other less established companies that offer ‘composite’ doors that are far inferior and cannot be covered by the guarantees that Goliath Home World provide.

uPVC Doors

Composite doors may well be the more technologically advanced option; however they may not always suit the preference of the customer. Goliath Home World has been supplying uPVC doors since 1987 and offers a great range of uPVC doors. These uPVC doors are often the ideal solution for secondary access doors such as back doors and garage side doors. The main benefit of uPVC doors is that they are a lower cost product compared to composite doors.

If you are looking for a new door and would like to know more about composite doors and uPVC doors then please contact Goliath Home World. The Cannock showroom enables prospective customers to see the doors in the flesh and discuss options with the knowledgeable and helpful advisers. Free, no obligation home visits are also available to enable accurate measurement of the door opening and accurate quoting.

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