Transforming a Traditional Conservatory into a Year-Round Haven

Project Overview

Goliath Home World undertook a significant upgrade project for a homeowner in Cannock, aiming to transform a conventional conservatory into a versatile, all-season space. The original conservatory, while spacious, was limited by its seasonal usability due to temperature fluctuations. The homeowner sought a solution that would allow for year-round comfort without compromising the conservatory’s aesthetic appeal.


  • Enhance the conservatory’s insulation to enable year-round use.
  • Increase the structural integrity and visual appeal of the conservatory.
  • Improve the overall functionality of the space by reconfiguring the layout.


The Upgrade Process

Increasing Wall Height

The project began with an increase in the brick wall height from the standard conservatory height. This modification not only provided better insulation but also gave the structure a more robust and permanent feel, moving away from the typical all-glass conservatory look.

Removing Patio Doors

The existing patio doors were removed to create a seamless transition from the home’s interior to the conservatory, enhancing the flow of the space and integrating it more closely with the main living area.

Door Reconfiguration

A strategic change was made by moving the doors from the side to the front of the conservatory. This repositioning, coupled with the installation of large double patio doors, significantly enhanced accessibility and infused the space with natural light, creating an inviting entrance that was both functional and striking.

Roof Transformation

The most significant change was the replacement of the old roof with a gable-fronted insulated solid roof. The new roof design extended to include an overhang, providing additional outdoor shelter and a dramatic improvement in the overall architectural impact of the conservatory. This solid roof not only added to the aesthetic appeal with its modern gable design but also dramatically improved the thermal efficiency of the space.

The Impact

The transformation was profound. The insulated solid roof, along with the increased wall height and reconfigured doors, turned a seasonal conservatory into a year-round living space. Temperature regulation was drastically improved, making the conservatory comfortable during both hot summers and cold winters. The homeowner now enjoys a beautiful, functional extension of their home that feels both luxurious and welcoming.

Benefits of the Conservatory Roof Swap

  • Enhanced Usability: The space is now comfortable and usable throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Increased Property Value: Such significant upgrades not only enhance lifestyle but also add substantial value to the property.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: The insulated roof significantly reduces energy costs by maintaining a consistent indoor temperature, cutting down on heating and cooling expenses.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: The architectural changes brought a modern touch to the property’s exterior, improving curb appeal.


This case study exemplifies Goliath Home World’s commitment to enhancing living spaces through thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship. The conservatory upgrade project in Cannock highlights how strategic improvements can convert a simple conservatory into a spectacular, functional addition to a home.

Visit our showroom or contact Goliath Home World to learn how we can transform your conservatory into a cherished part of your home, just as we did in this successful project.

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