Upgrading A Conservatory Roof, Wrap Over v Warm Roof

A well designed, properly installed warm roof can transform your conservatory, providing a whole host of benefits. It can help to keep the space warmer in winter, cooler in summer, cut out external noise and reduce your heating bills. However, not all conservatory roof replacements are equal. If you’re considering investing in a new roof, it is important to understand the different options.

What are the options for replacing a conservatory roof?

Conservatory roof replacements are generally separated into two groups:

Wrap over systems – these are installed directly over your existing conservatory roof and are typically built onsite.

Warm roofs – these are new roofing systems which completely replace your existing conservatory roof. As opposed to wrap over systems, these are usually preassembled in dedicated facilities bespoke to your conservatories specifications.

They can be used both to replace a glass roof or installed as part of a new conservatory.

What problems can arise from installing a wrap over conservatory roof?

On the face of it, wrap over systems can appear to offer a number of benefits. They’re typically a lot cheaper when compared to warm roofs whilst offering a similar visual appearance, and during the installation over the top of the existing conservatory roof the space can continued to be used. However numerous concerning and potentially costly issues undermine the initial cost, time and aesthetic advantages, and can potentially give you much more stress and worry in the long run.

Structural security

Like most other parts of a building, conservatories are manufactured to clear and absolute tolerances and loadings based on their design. Many conservatories are not meant to sustain heavier loads than they have been built with. Any wrap over system will immediately add additional loads and these can be quite significant – especially where tiles are fitted. Often, installers who are carrying out this work won’t complete any of the advised structural assessments or surveys of the conservatory. At minimum, this could undermine the structural integrity of the whole conservatory, causing the walls to bow over time. In the worst cases, the walls could collapse altogether.

Insulation and draft proofing

The majority of wrap over systems use timber battens and a breather membrane fixed over the existing roof, followed by the final waterproofing system. These wrap over systems often feature minimal insulation, and even if there is insulation it is usually on the thin side. If there are any gaps in the insulation, it can also undermine the overall performance of the roof. In addition, in some cases, the way the battens are fixed to the frame of the conservatory can create holes which allow drafts in.

Condensation and moisture

In many unproven roof conversions, moisture can form inside the roof, for example between the existing roof and the wrap around fixing, leading to staining and mould growth on the internal plasterboard. This ruins the aesthetics of your conservatory, as well as posing a health risk. This moisture can also cause the roof components to deteriorate and fail, leading to added expense and hassle for you.

Risk of non-compliance

We also find in many cases that these wrap over systems are installed without proper building control approval and certification. Whilst it may seem tempting to choose the cheaper option for short term benefits, this could become a nightmare for you when choosing to move house. Potentially requiring costly remedial work to be carried out before you’re able to sell.

What benefits can a Warm Roof provide?

Goliath Home World Warm Roofs offer a quality alternative to wrap over systems, ensuring safety, quality, efficiency and longevity for your conservatory.

Lightweight and purpose designed

Each Goliath Home World Warm Roof is engineered precisely to your individual requirements and preassembled offsite under factory-controlled conditions. This ensures the roof fits precisely when it is delivered and prevents onsite delays and unnecessary hassle for you.

The system uses robust but lightweight components, including an aluminium frame, meaning it often weighs no more than a standard glazed roof. In contrast to the timber battens used in wrap over systems, which are prone to shrinkage, the aluminium frame is stable and doesn’t put stress on the existing conservatory walls. Our Certified Installers will carry out a survey of your conservatory to ensure its suitability for a warm roof installation and will make recommendations on how to strengthen the structure if necessary.

LABC / LABSS certified

The Goliath Home world Warm Roof System carries Local Authority Building Control / Local Authority Building Standards Scotland certification. This can help to streamline the process of getting approvals from your local Building Control office. Our Certified Installers will also handle this approval process, taking the burden off your mind.

Excellent insulation

Goliath Warm Roofs are designed to achieve high insulation levels – with independent assessment proving that this system can save you money on your energy bills. Our system hits the demanding insulating targets within the latest Building Regulations out of the box, keeping your space more comfortable all year around. The precise design and expert installation also help to prevent drafts.

Ventilated construction

In compliance with LABC / LABSS the Guardian Warm Roof is a ventilated system. Slots in the ring and ridge beams enable air to flow freely through the roof allowing any moisture to exit your conservatory with ease.

Our Certified Installers

The rigorous training and annual assessments that all our Installers undergo ensures their work meets the highest expectations – giving you peace of mind.

With these installers, the whole conservatory roof installation only takes a few days, minimising the disruption to your home so that you can start enjoying your new conservatory as soon as possible.

Renovation potential

Because of Goliath Home World Warm Roof’s high-performance insulation and with Building Control approval, there may be opportunity to remove the wall between the house and the conservatory and open the space. This provides flexibility to extend or enlarge your existing kitchen, living room or bedroom.

All sizes and styles covered

Solid, warm roof replacement conservatory roofs are available for all sizes and style of conservatory. Whatever your conservatory a solid roof is available that will make the space useable all year round.


Visit the Goliath Home World showroom where you can see solid conservatory roofs and fully appreciate why an investment in a new roof is the best single investment you can make as a home improvement. Call Goliath Home World, on 01543 466464 for more information and a no obligation home consultation.

“Our conservatory was the least used space in our house – boiling hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter…now it’s a space we use all year around and is the place I favour to de-stress and relax.”