Upgrading An Existing Conservatory To Create A True Extension Feel

Our customer was looking to improve on the use of the space that their existing, cold and cramped polycarbonate-roofed conservatory gave them.

With not being able to be able to place furniture suitably to use the room properly, together with the inefficient roof letting too much heat in during summer and losing heat during the cooler months, they soon realised that a complete overhaul was necessary.

Within 3 weeks, the whole project from removal and excavation of the existing was complete. 

Giving them the new squared off shape allowed space for a large corner sofa, and the tall wall against the neighbour’s side hides the fence panels and creates a feature wall for decoration. With the use of corner pillars, a single window between plastered walls allows the effect of an extension to really come alive.  Having full length glazed panels either side of the French doors to the garden gives a feeling of the outdoors coming inside, and with energy performance glass they have a comfortable room, no matter the weather.

Additionally, once they decided to have a new built room with insulated walls, ceiling and floor it gave them the confidence to remove the existing patio doors from the house and leave it open to be able to just walk into the new room effortlessly, and creating a true extension feel

Before & After

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