What Your Front Door Colour Says About You

It’s a portal to your personality — not just your house.

Some people claim that the colour of your front door provides an insight into your personality…please see below a summary of some colours and see if they are accurate for you or any of your friends or neighbours!

Grey Door

Being a fan of grey, you appreciate the beauty of subtlety. Grey is also an indecisive color, a mix between black and white. If you have a grey door, you are indecisive and prefer to compromise—giving both sides of an argument equal weight.

Red Door

Traditionally, a red door signaled a hospitable home. Today a red door still says, “Welcome!” If you have a red door, you also enjoy attention and try to live their life fully. It goes hand-in-hand with entertaining. Very British.

Turquoise Door

Turquoise may be an unusual color, but it’s perfect if you crave emotional balance, have big hopes and dreams and believe that anything is possible. In other words, you’re a romantic dreamer.

Black Door

When you cross a black threshold, you are entering a world of order and control. Simple elegance graces the style within and everything is in its proper place.

Wood Finish Door

Homeowners who keep their doors a traditional wooden finish are generous and down to earth, like this grounded finish. They are kind and sweet and all who enter will feel welcomed.

White Door

Just like the clean lines it creates, white doors begin a guest’s journey into simple and organized home decor.

Fortunately the Goliath Home World Door range includes a wide range of colours to suit all styles and types of property…and personality! (Also bear in mind this article has been written by someone who is colour blind!)

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