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Will I lose light in my conservatory with a solid roof conversion?

One of the main concerns our customers have when considering a warm roof for their conservatory is that it may reduce the amount of natural light in their living space. In reality, a Goliath Home World warm roof can not only help to keep your conservatory well-lit, both day and night, but also reduce the uncomfortable heat and sun glare you can suffer with a glazed roof.


How a warm roof can help to keep your conservatory well-lit all year round

Your Goliath warm roof is designed bespoke to your conservatory. This means that whether it is being fitted as part of a new unit, or to improve an existing one, the design can be tailored to make the most of the available light. We can create roofs for any type of conservatory, including Edwardian, Victorian and lean to. 

Many homeowners find that even with a solid warm roof, their conservatory still receives plenty of daylight through the glazed walls. The solid roof also helps to block out some of the harmful midday sun during the summer months. This can keep your conservatory cooler and more pleasant during hotter periods and reduce glare. 

For customers who want to really maximise the natural light in their space, we can design the warm roof to include one or more VELUX rooflights. In addition to bringing more natural light into the space, these have the added advantage that they can be easily opened to bring in fresh air and help to cool and air the conservatory on warm evenings.

A warm roof can also help to make your conservatory lighter and more welcoming at night. In addition to their added insulation, which can help to keep your space warmer, we can also fit a range of downlighters. These provide a sleek modern finish whilst also helping to spread the light more evenly within your space. 


What rooflights are available with a Goliath Home World warm roof?

Through our partnership with VELUX, we can offer you the highest quality roof lighting, with a range of dimensions to suit your needs. The units can be installed with pre-fitted blinds or shutters in a range of colours, to keep your conservatory cooler in summer. For added luxury Goliath Home World can fit a VELUX ACTIVE rooflight which will automatically control the light and ventilation in your space. With these options, you can have a bright space in the daytime and in the evening you can sit back and relax with a view into the night’s sky.


What downlights are available with a Goliath warm roof?

The Goliath Home World warm roof downlights provide a perfect finishing touch to any conservatory. Our Certified Installers can work with you to develop a lighting layout to ensure all areas of the conservatory are well lit at night. The downlights are available with different finishes and use the latest LED technology to ensure they’re highly energy efficient and should last for years to come. You can choose to go with just downlights, or to combine them with a pendant, and with a dimming option also available, you have plenty of choice to create your ideal space.


What benefits can a conservatory solid / warm roof provide?

The Goliath Home World warm roof will provide a host of practical and aesthetic benefits. The triple layer of insulation inside each warm roof can help keep your conservatory cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It also means it will retain heat better, meaning you can enjoy the natural light during the darker winter months without large energy bills. Enjoy your extra living space all year round.

The solid warm roof also helps to create a more modern aesthetic, both inside and outside of the conservatory.  

Ultimately, a solid roof conversion creates a welcoming, comfortable space suitable for all seasons, striking a better balance between natural lighting and comfort than traditional glazed roof models. Combined with the aesthetic and insulation benefits of a Goliath Home World warm roof, the conservatory will remain a bright, beautiful space that can be enjoyed on the hottest days, on the coldest days, and every day in between.